10 Things your cat hates

Cats are unique and have their own individual personalities. Most cat owners will know a few things there beloved cat likes and dislikes. Unfortunately, we cannot eliminate everything they hate but it helps to know what these are so it can be managed or avoided if possible.

  1. Stale Food

Like humans cats are fussy with their food. They don’t like stale food that has been left out all day. If your cat is leaving food in the bowl you may be feeding them too much. Try reducing the portion and throw away food leftover after 30 minutes. Ensure you wash your cats bowl after each meal, so the next meal smells fresh.

  1. Loud Noises

Many cats are scared of loud noises such as fireworks, thunder storms, hail, very loud parties and humans arguing. The easier way to know if your cat hates any of these things is that they will run away and hide in their safe place.

  1. Overly Aggressive Petting

Ensure when you pet your cat that you use a light touch as most cats prefer this. Avoid petting too hard, as this can upset your cat and lead to you getting scratched or bitten as that’s the only way she can tell you to stop. Always observe your cat’s body language when petting and stop if you see her tail flicking and other signs of displeasure.

  1. Car Rides

Cats dislike car rides so avoid them at all costs. Sometimes these trips are unavoidable such as a trip to the vet. For cats that dislike car rides there isn’t a lot that can be done, if your cat likes the car then you are blessed.

  1. A Dirty Litter Box

Cats have an extraordinary sense of smell, 14 times greater than ours. We humans are very clean; we flush the toilet after every use. A smelly litter box will upset your cat. To avoid this displeasure, change the litter box regularly and provide the type of litter they prefer.

  1. Getting Wet

Most cat hate water, very few breeds love water. As cats tend to keep themselves quite clean most cats don’t need to be bathed as regularly as humans or dogs.

  1. Other cats in their Territory

Cats are territorial and they don’t like when other cats encroach upon it. Most cats in multi cat households learn to share their area and get along. Cats notice inequality amongst other cats, so it’s important to treat all cats the same.

  1. Strangers

Some cats hate strangers, they run & hide when they hear a knock at the door, footsteps or a car coming into the driveway. Other cats are very sociable and are unfazed by strangers.

  1. Taking Medication

Most cats hate been fed medicine however, when they are sick they have no choice. Pill pockets work for some cats; some coat the tablet with a little butter or cream cheese. Avoid making them swallow a pill dry.

  1. Being Ignored

Cats actually like affection and they hate being ignored. Cats tend to communicate with their owner when more attention is needed. Typically, this can include jumping on your desk, head-butting your hand as you type, or blocking the view of the monitor, pretty much anything. It’s important that owners give cats enough attention so that they feel loved and wanted.