Caring for your cat’s teeth

Caring for your cat’s teeth

Caring for your cats teeth   Have you ever taken much thought to your cats teeth, and how best to care for all 30 of them? The inside of our pets mouths are usually quite a mystery to us owners, but it is important that we keep up to date with their dental situations. Keep reading to learn a little bit more about your felines fangs. Did you know that human and cat teeth have some similarities? We know that they look just a touch (well, maybe a bit more) different to our pearly whites, but cats share a similar dental trait of having two sets of teeth just like us! Called successive sets (just like our baby teeth and adult teeth), the first set falls out when they are very young and then the permanent set comes in! When cared for properly, the adult permanent set of teeth should last into their elderly years. But how do you care for your cat’s teeth? It doesn’t seem like an easy task, getting into your feline friends sharp mouth but we have some tips, which may help you.
  1. Brush your cats teeth
I know this one may seem pretty self explanatory, possibly even a bit scary. Although this is the most effective way to decrease the plaque and tartar build up on your cats teeth. Tips to make this a little easier are positive reinforcement, praise and treats as well as using a tooth brush that is small and comfortable for your cats mouth. As well as a toothpaste made specifically for cats. Try this once or twice a week and your cat will be sporting a sparkling smile in no time! Most importantly; be patient, it may take some time to get your cat used to it!
  1. Regular dental checks
Most of us see dentist at least once a year, so why would we treat our cats any different? Proper dental check ups are available at your local vet and are important in ensuring your cats mouth is healthy, and they can even offer a professional cleaning service! If you notice your cats gums are red, swollen or bleeding make sure you visit your local vet immediately.
  1. Specially formulated dental food and treats
Yes they exist! These treats can easily be found in your local pet store or online and can be used on a regular basis to help scrub the plaque and tarter off your cats teeth. If you do choose this option, it is still important your vet checks inside your cats mouth regularly.
  1. Chew toys for cats
Similar to specially formulated dental chews, they are abrasive and can help scrub off plaque and massage gums, they are generally filled with catnip to encourage your cat to nibble on them as well!

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