Cat sleeping positions and what they mean

4 common cat sleeping positions and what they mean

Have you ever taken notice of the way your cat sleeps? Maybe she even changes her preferred sleeping position quite often. There is actually some meaning behind each of your cats quirky sleeping styles so read on to find out more.

  • The curled up cat

One of the most common sleeping positions of all, the ‘curled up cat’ is basically just a cat curled up into its own body like it’s tucked itself into bed! This position is generally the best way to conserve body heat and to protect their vulnerable organs (it’s a natural instinct, and just like their wild counterparts do!). That being said, your cat is more worried about being prodded and annoyed by a human than a rival animal, a curled up cat typically wants to be alone.

  • Belly up

Your cat’s stomach is one of its most vulnerable spots, one that instinctively it feels the need to protect. So for your cat to be sleeping soundly in this position, you must be doing something right! This is a sure fire way to know that your cat trusts you and feels 100% safe in your presence.


  • Cat in the box!

The sight of a cat in a box makes most cat owners swoon; there is just something so adorable about it. Cats generally seek out small spaces such as boxes and drawers for a sense of safety and security, maybe you live in a busy household? And your cat runs to a secret box or drawer to find a bit of solitude and security, and hopefully some uninterrupted sleep.


This is another common sleeping position, normally when your cat isn’t set on a full-on sleep but more of a nap that they can still take in their surroundings and not miss out on anything. This is called the ‘cat loaf’ as they tuck their limbs under their body but still remain upright – essentially turning them into what resembles a loaf of bread. This is a sign that your cat is enjoying its surroundings but may have a slight doze whilst doing it!