The Korat

The Korat
  • Facts
  • Caring for your cat
  • Personality
  • Physical Traits
  • Facts

    One of the purest breeds

    It originates in the province of Korat in Thailand and was known by the name si-sawat

    The Korat is presented as one of the 17 good luck cats of Thailand

    Only in 1969 that the first pair of Korats was brought to Australia from the USA

    Every Korat pedigree has ancestors which can be traced back to Thailand

    The Thai government officially recognises the Korat as a national treasure, making importation of the cat extremely difficult

  • Caring for your cat

    Not a picky eater but benefit from a healthy diet

    It’s good to include egg yolks, grated cheese and bones (other than chicken) in their diet

    Prefers to live indoors

    Has an acute sense of hearing not suitable to noisy houses and street noise

    Highly trainable breed can learn games quite easily

    Have had some health issues in the past but genetic diseases have nearly been eliminated

    Lifespan more than 15 years

    Weight 3.5-4.5kg

  • Personality

    Korats are slow maturing cats

    Are vigorous and active

    Fun loving and love to be centre of attention

    Can be demanding

    A faithful and affectionate companion

    Generally only speak when they need to alert you to their needs

  • Physical Traits

    Soft, silky coat and a unique silver blue colour

    Fur is a paler shade at the base, darker mid-way and then tipped with silver

    Heart shaped head with large luminous eyes

    Eye colour can vary from translucent green to amber and intensifies with age

    Coat will always be silver-blue but the silver tipping will become more pronounced as they mature.

    Medium size

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