Oriental Cat

Oriental Cat
  • Facts
  • Caring for your cat
  • Personality
  • Physical Traits
  • Facts

    The Oriental comes in two forms shorthair and longhair

    There are more than 300 different colourways and patterns

    Originates from the Siamese breed of cats

    The only difference between Orientals and Siamese is the colour

  • Caring for your cat

    Happy to sleep anywhere but prefer their own cat bed

    Very playful cats so enjoy having lots of cat toys can make anything into a toy as they are quite creative

    Common health issues can include suffering from inherited heart problems and heart disease

    Lifespan 10-15yrs

    Weight Female 3-4kg Male 4-5kg

    Extremely low maintenance

    Need only a few minutes of hand grooming a day to keep coat sleek

  • Personality

    Curious and clever and good at hiding things

    Very affectionate and playful with lots of energy & enthusiasm

    Thrive on human company

    Can be demanding and they need to be acknowledged they don’t like being ignored

    If you don’t have a lot of time it’s recommended that you get these cats a companion

    Famous for their “chatter” they are quiet vocal

    They love to follow you around and are very social always wanting to be part of the action

    Get along well with other pets

  • Physical Traits

    Recognisable by their very long, elegant and tubular bodies and their long legs

    Very long whip like tail

    Their head is wedge shaped and they have very big ears that are low and broad

    Eyes are usually a shade of green and almond shape

    Colour and pattern combinations are endless from mottled browns to soft creams

    20-30 colours

    Size Medium

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