Cat Behaviour

Reasons Why Cats Bite

Cats use their mouths and paws to explore their world. It makes sense that biting is part of normal feline behaviour. But we need to determine the motivation behind the bite; gentle play and communication is one thing, but aggressive cat bites must and can be corrected. We take a look at the reasons why […]






Why Cats Knock Things Over

Dedicated cat lovers know well the amusing cat habit of knocking objects over. Coupled with their trademark nonchalance, a cat knocking ornaments off a shelf produces wild cackles from cat enthusiasts and slapstick fans alike. We take a look at why cats knock things over, and solutions to stop it. Boredom Cats are endlessly curious […]






9 Ways to Make Your Cat Happy

Every cat is unique, each with their own distinct personality. But they do generally share prized preferences and (ahem) pet peeves. We take the guess work out and reveal nine things you can do to make your cat happy. 1. Routine, Ritual, Rhythm Cat behaviourist, Jackson Galaxy, is an advocate of the three Rs: Routine, Ritual, Rhythm. […]






Head Bunting — What Does it Mean?

The uniqueness of cats and their quirks has fascinated us for thousands of years. Today we take a look at the curious and adorable behaviour of head bunting. Far from being intentionally aggressive, the head bunt tells us how a cat feels, about us and about themselves. What is Head Bunting? Head bunting is also […]






Catnaps — The Sleeping Behaviour of Cats

When it comes to sleep, cats are the envy of the world. But their mysterious sleep patterns can vary; different living conditions can affect their sleeping behaviour. Their sleep positions may give us a clue as to how they feel. Let’s take a look at the sleeping behaviour and sleep positions of our cats. How […]






8 Strange Cat Behaviours Explained

Cats are expressive creatures, and they’re constantly telling you exactly how they’re feeling – all you have to do is learn to “speak cat”! Here are eight strange cat behaviours explained, so that you can understand your cat’s needs and personality better. 1. Chattering You have probably heard your cat emit a fast and intense […]






Prepare Your Home for a New Cat

For some of us, one cat is enough. But for others, it just isn’t. If the time has come to fulfil a deep desire for more feline companionship, there are a few things you need to consider to prepare your home for a new cat. Is it a good idea? First and foremost, be honest with […]






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