Cat Health

Causes of Hair Loss in Cats

There are a few different reasons your cat may be losing their hair. It is a fair reason to worry, but a trip to the vet will reveal the cause and proper treatment. In most instances, their fur will grow back. We look at causes of hair loss in cats and remedies to restore your […]






Cat Grooming and Furballs

Our felines spend much of their time cleaning and preening themselves, but self-grooming contributes to their health, wellbeing and safety, too. For us cat folk, the occasional furball is no cause for alarm. But we do need to know when vomiting is a sign of illness. We take a look at cat grooming and furballs. A […]






All You Need to Know About Cat Grass and Catmint

Cat grass and catmint, otherwise known as catnip, are the two plants that come to mind when we talk about plants for cats. Unsurprisingly, our innately independent cats seek their own way to heal themselves, and these plants help them do that. Though these plants vary vastly, they both offer healing properties to cats. We […]






Be Prepared for a Cat Emergency

An emergency involving your precious feline can occur at any time. It’s awful to imagine things that could go wrong, but it pays to be prepared for a cat emergency. Knowing what to do will increase your chances of dealing with the unexpected in the best and most efficient way for a positive outcome. Keep this […]






10 Common Household Hazards for Cats

Cats have a powerful sense of smell and a very particular palate. But because they self groom, they will ingest substances on their paws and fur that they would normally avoid. Keeping your home cat proof is compulsory for the cat guardian. Over time, it’s natural that things slip. Perform a regular sweep of your home […]






Cat Diarrhoea – Causes and Remedies

Tummy trouble in your cat is no picnic. We take a look at causes and remedies for cat diarrhoea and what you can do to help. New Diet First, let’s consider your kitty cat’s diet. A sudden change in cat food can cause diarrhoea. Cats accustomed to a particular diet will more than likely develop diarrhoea […]






How Much Food Your Cat Needs

Cat owners old and new will at some stage wonder how much food their cat needs. We take a look at the amount and frequency of meals, which depend on your cat’s age and stage of life, their health and their taste preferences. The Importance of Balance We have all heard how important a balanced diet […]






Benefits of Buying the Best Cat Food

If you have a cat, you want to ensure that you feed them cat food containing the best nutrition, and that is tasty too. There are a number of cat food brands on the market and it can get very confusing to decide which one is the best cat food for your pet. Many cat […]






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