Everything you want to know about your cat’s whiskers

Everything you ever wanted to know about your cats whiskers

Why do cats have whiskers? I can assure you they aren’t there just for looks and indeed do serve quite an interesting purpose, and there is even some fascinating mythology associated with them! Keep reading to get the complete low down.

Whiskers are deeply rooted into your cat’s skin, considerably deeper than her normal fur. This means that they are rooted around a generous supply of nerves and blood making them very sensitive, so sensitive in fact a miniscule breeze will be felt and registered by your cat. This can also mean that with such a high level of sensitivity, there is the potential to cause discomfort and pain if pulled or prodded, which is why we recommend choosing appropriate food and water bowls that are low enough that they don’t interfere with her whiskers.

Whiskers are also you cats own built in measurement device, as the whiskers on your cat’s nose are generally about as long as your cat is wide. This helps them to determine if they can fit through small spaces or measure how wide an opening it, and generally the chubbier the cat the longer its whiskers!

There is some interesting mythology surrounding cat’s whiskers, and quite a few superstitions as well. One of the most well-known ones is that they are just plain old good luck! Although rare to find a cat whisker out of place, if you do make sure you snag it and keep it somewhere safe to possibly bring you some good luck. Another interesting superstition is the term ‘by a whisker’ which is associated with escaping or avoiding a detrimental circumstance (like a car crash or a robbery) many people keep them in their car so they stay protected whilst on the road. And finally, I am sure you have heard the famous phrases “the cat’s meow” and “the cats pyjamas” well “the cats whiskers” has just as much history to it, originally stemming from a the 1920s’. If you were called ‘the cat’s whiskers’ it meant that you were exceptional, superior or better than everybody else!