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Indulge the one you love with Ultimates Indulge’s range of cat cuisine products. They all contain natural fish & meat and are grain free.
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Responsibly Fished

Responsibly Fished

Natural real fish & chicken, grain free & by-product free, the ultimate in cat cuisine. Using 100% tuna caught without the use of destructive Fish Attracting Devices (FAD’s) a major threat to sea life.

Gourmet Combinations

Gourmet Combinations

Natural real fish & chicken, grain free & by-product free, the ultimate in cat cuisine. In a range of delicious flavours that your cat will love.

Protein Smoothie

Protein Smoothie

Ultimates Protein Smoothie, a delicious meat puree treat for your beloved cat.

Nutrition & Care

Health Benefits

Click below to read some helpful and interesting articles about the health & wellbeing of your cat.

Causes of Hair Loss in Cats

There are a few different reasons your cat may be losing their hair. It is a fair reason to worry, but a trip to the vet will reveal the cause and proper treatment. In most instances, their fur will grow back. We look at causes of hair loss in cats and remedie...

Reasons Why Cats Bite

Cats use their mouths and paws to explore their world. It makes sense that biting is part of normal feline behaviour. But we need to determine the motivation behind the bite; gentle play and communication is one thing, but aggressive cat bites must and can be...

Cat Grooming and Furballs

Our felines spend much of their time cleaning and preening themselves, but self-grooming contributes to their health, wellbeing and safety, too. For us cat folk, the occasional furball is no cause for alarm. But we do need to know when vomiting is a sign of i...

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