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    Fillet Tenders

    The finest cuts of fillet meats, in a divine gravy that is healthy & delicious.

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  • Gourmet Combinations featured image

    Gourmet Combinations

    Natural real fish & chicken, grain free & by-product free, the ultimate in cat cuisine. In a range of delicious flavours that your cat will love.

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  • Grain Free Dry Cat Food featured image

    Grain Free Dry Cat Food

    Indulge the one you love with the finest & healthiest dry cat food. Developed by leading pet nutritionist.

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  • Responsibly Fished featured image

    Responsibly Fished

    Natural real fish & chicken, grain free & by-product free, the ultimate in cat cuisine. Using 100% tuna caught without the use of destructive Fish Attracting Devices (FAD’s) a major threat to sea life.

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  • Tender Layers featured image

    Tender Layers

    Tender Layers combine two all natural ingredients into a delicious layered meal.

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  • Vet Formulated featured image

    Vet Formulated

    Natural real fish & chicken, grain free & by-product free, the ultimate in cat cuisine. Specifically developed for Digestive Health.

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Finest ingredients. Luxurious cat cuisine.
The daily indulgence cats love.

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The Ultimate Cat Food

Cats are the animal world's greatest carnivores. When you have a cat as a pet, it is important to ensure it gets the best nutrition, and a diet that mimics the natural, high animal protein diet of cats in the wild.

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The Benefits

Choose the gold standard of cat food that provides the ultimate health.

  • Vet-formulated by a cat expert
  • High in lean animal-protein
  • Grain-free, mimics the diet of wild cats
  • Natural, real meat and fish
  • Essential fats for energy
  • Complete & balanced nutrition
  • No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives
  • Wet food is excellent for hydration
  • Taurine assists with eyesight
  • Available in a vet-formulated health range & a responsibly fished range.

Cereal content in dry cat food

Cats are carnivores; this means they require only animal protein for their energy needs. However, a large percentage of cat food brands contain corn starch, oat hulls, wheat mill run and seeds too. If you feed your cat a diet that is high in carbs, it can lose body-muscle & will gain fat. In addition, diets that have very high carb content can cause rising blood glucose and contribute to diabetes, fatty liver disease and inflammatory bowel disease. Ingredients such as "Meat Meal" and "Meat By-products" may seem like they are harmless, but the manufacturing processes can make your stomach turn.

The cans of cat food that have these terms in the list of ingredients are the ones you must be wary about. All they contain is unwanted animal parts and have hardly any meat at all. Apart from all these things, a lot of companies also add poorly-monitored vitamin & mineral supplements and a lot of chemical preservatives. Dry cat food is often much cheaper than wet food and make large profits for pet food manufacturers. If you choose to feed dry cat food to your cat, be sure to limit the amounts you feed your cat and complement with a wet food diet.

Advanced cat food

At Ultimates Indulge we love cats and aim to provide the best cat food possible that provides cats with ultimate health. We use the finest ingredients, real natural fish & meat and no artificial colours, flavours & preservatives.

We are a trusted cat food brand producing and selling canned cat food. For enquiries about our cat food, call us on 1800 819 785 or see our website www.ultimatesindulge.com.au.

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Welcome to the Ultimates Indulge website – for those who believe nothing is too good for their cat.

Indulge the one you love with the gold standard in cat cuisine.

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