How to bring a shy cat out of it’s shell..

How to bring a shy cat out of it’s shell..

How to bring a shy cat out of its shell The world can be a scary place, especially for an under-socialised and fearful cat! Some cats have a tendency to withdraw from social activities and go into hiding if they feel threatened by what’s going on around them. It can take a lot of time and patience to bring your shy feline out of its shell however it is possible and the experience can be extremely rewarding! Cats are very territorial and are often very stressed when entering new surrounding that they know little about, this manifests in some quite weird and quirky behaviour, I think this goes has to do with their survival instinct, I have listed below a few simple ideas which may help your cat beat its fears and show up to the party. We don’t all want our kitty to be the life of the party so to speak but we definitely do not want it to be stressed and hiding, they do need to feel safe and secure in their surroundings.
  1. Minimize territory
As you know, cats are very territorial animals. So for a shy cat, having too much territory can be quite overwhelming.  This is an especially important step if you are introducing a new cat to your home, and veterinary professionals suggest setting your cat up in a small room and gradually introducing them to new rooms as they grow comfortable.
  1. Keep it quiet
Cats have very sensitive hearing, and loud noises terrify them! So making sure your home is a calm and quiet environment will ensure your cat feels comfortable.
  1. Allowing your cat to approach you
If your shy cat pops its head out from her hiding place, wait for her to come to you before running to pick it up or pat it. Try reaching your hand out gently, with your palm down and allow her to work out how close she wants to get!
  1. Soothing voice
I am sure we are all guilty of talking to our cats; however it is important that we do it in a calm and soft tone. Keep the volume of your voice low, and pretend like you are talking to a baby who needs comforting!
  1. Be patient
This is probably one of the most important steps to bringing your cat out of its shell, and unfortunately some cats are just naturally anti-social! Being patient can really allow your kitty to become 100% comfortable in its surrounds and build up the trust it needs to feel comfortable.

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