How to keep your Cat happy during it’s golden years

How to keep your Cat happy during it’s golden years

The golden years (ages 8-12) may be inevitable, however knowing your cat has stood by you throughout many years of ups and downs and life changes is somewhat comforting. These are the years when your cat probably just wants to relax and watch what the world is doing around him. In order to make sure these are the best years of your cat’s life I have compiled a list of things that will keep your cat happy, comfortable and as healthy as can be.
  1. Regular Vet Visits
This one is pretty self-explanatory, although veterinary professionals believe that once your cat reaches its ‘teens’ it ages at a rate of four human years for every one cat year. Most vets recommend twice yearly visits for older cats to stay on top on any age-related illnesses.
  1. Diet
Aging cats generally need different nutrients to younger cats, so it is crucial that you feed your cat a specially formulated, age appropriate food. This is a great way to make sure your cat is getting the right nutrients it needs to stay healthy.
  1. Grooming
Younger cats may be have a knack for acrobatics when it comes to grooming themselves, but older cats with aging bodies might have trouble fixing their fluff. A once daily brush of your kitty will not only give you some nice bonding time, but will also keep their coats tidy!
  1. Mobility
Your aging cat may have some trouble moving around as easily as she did before. Some suggestions to help your cat get around are to provide ramps or stair-steps to her favourite window sill which will avoid the pain of jumping as well as a lower sided litter box to avoid pain in her joints.
  1. Soft bed
A soft and cosy place to sleep is key in keeping your aging cat happy. As she will be spending a lot of her time dozing. Try a lower sided plush bed, tucked in a corner to give her a sense of security and safety. Hopefully reading  these 5 tips on helping your cat age gracefully will be beneficial to you and your cat, and allow her to transition into the next stage of her life as comfortable as possible. Our senior kitty’s deserve the love and respect of all family members, growing up I was told that my mother’s cat passed away at the ripe old happy age of 21 years…..  

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