Preparing your home for a new cat

How to prepare yourself and your home for a new cat
If you’ve made the decision of adopting a cat, I am sure you have thought about the best ways to prepare to bring it into your home environment so that you and kitty have the smoothest start to your new journey. There are of course a few tips that may help you in making this transition as easy as can be.
Whether you’re bringing home a kitten or an adult cat there are always some key steps you should follow first, as we know all cats can be quite inquisitive it is essential to ‘cat-proof’ your home.
Create a safe place
You will probably find when you bring your new cat home, they will run and hide under a table or somewhere else that’s dark and quiet. This is typically to do with cats being very sensitive to new smells and environments. It is best to find a safe place within your house where your cat can go and relax when it needs to, as it can take a couple of days before your cat feels settled and secure in its new home.
Tip: Cats love boxes, so why not repurpose one of your old shoeboxes by cutting a hole for an entrance and placing something soft and cuddly in there!
Secure what your cat can’t have
As we know cats are very curious creatures and they will try and get into anything they deem interesting enough. If there is a room your cat should stay out of, make it a note to keep this door closed at all times, and don’t forget that cats are great at jumping and climbing so sometimes ‘hiding’ potentially dangerous things on shelves and bookcases just won’t do the trick!
Tip: Consider purchasing child proof locks for cupboards which house cleaning chemicals etc., as cats can quickly learn how to open them!
Work out basic items you need for your cat
Make it easier for you and your cat and have these items at the ready before you bring your cat home.
Some necessary items:
• A litter box/tray – and appropriate litter (there are many different types out there, and it may take a few tries before you find the right one for your cat)
• A cosy bed – this could be as simple as a shoebox with a cuddly towel in it or a cute cat bed from the pet shop, either way a designated place to sleep is a must when bringing a new feline home.
• Toys – cats love to play with anything from a scrap of paper to a stuffed mouse.
• A scratch post – highly recommended if you don’t want your furniture to be all scratched up!