Six Everyday household items hazardous to cat health

Six Everyday household items hazardous to cat health

6 everyday household things which are hazardous to cats Did you know that your house is home to many hazards? Well at least for your furry friend. Your everyday objects that you leave lying around could very well be one of them! Keep reading to find out some of the most common and dangerous items.
  1. People food
Yes you read that right! Whilst I’m sure most of us know not to feed our feline friend (and our canine ones for that matter) chocolate, there are a couple less known ones that can be equally as dangerous such as grapes, sultanas, avocado and things that include xylitol (like chewing gum) can have  adverse effects if ingested.  Read more about this here.
  1. Dental floss, cotton threads, tinsel
Basically anything that remotely resembles ‘string’ is a hazard to your cat. We know from the movies and pop culture that cats are often associated with playing with balls of wool, the same goes for any other string type object they can get their paws on and the terrible news is that this deadly habit can result in severe intestinal damage if ingested and can cost thousands of dollars in expensive surgery to remove.
  1. Plastic bags
We all know cats love a good hiding place; plastic bags among other non-breathable bags can cause suffocation and are best kept out of reach.
  1. Human medications
Next time you nonchalantly put your painkiller packet down on the kitchen bench make sure you think twice about it! Cats love anything small and light weight, so a pill packet is a great thing to swipe and chew on. Ingestion can cause adverse side effects and even death.
  1. Household cleaners
We all know that household cleaners are toxic to humans and children and people sometimes forget that they are even more toxic to animals. It is more often or not a common occurrence at the vet where a cat has walked across a freshly mopped floor, only to lick their paws later on and ingest a toxic chemical. The same goes for bleach, detergent and disinfectant which even a slight sniff can be fatal.
  1. Toilet water
I know this one sounds a bit strange, but we are specifically talking about the toilets that have an automatic cleanser cake in them. If your cat drinks water with cleaner or a cleanser cake in it, it can be lethal so make sure to always keep that toilet lid closed!  

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