Everything you Need to Know About Your Cat Urinating Inappropriately

Everything you Need to Know About Your Cat Urinating Inappropriately

Generally cats are pretty good with their toilet habits, and it is in fact quite easy to train them to use a litter box! However, cats can simply decide when they’re bored of doing this and move to other options. These are some of the reasons your cat may be exhibiting these behaviors:

  1. Dirty litter box

Us humans can agree that a clean toilet is preferable over a dirty one right? Cats think the same about their litter boxes! This is a very easy fix and requires regular cleaning of the litter box and a regular change in litter. Veterinary professionals suggest scooping out your cats litter box once per day, and once a week changing the old litter out for new. As well as a once a week deep clean of the box itself in warm water, with unscented soap. For time poor cat owners, you can also find self-cleaning litter boxes online and at your local pet shop.

  1. Territory marking

If you have multiple cats it is important that you have a separate litter box for each one, as cats have a habit of marking their territory and won’t want to use a litter box that has already been marked by its housemate.

  1. Litter

Sometimes it can all come down to the type of litter you are using! A simple fix, however it may require testing out a few different types before you find the right one. To make this process a little bit easier, we suggest having two litter boxes; each with a different type of litter, and see which one your cat chooses!

  1. Medical problems

Cats are creatures of habit, so when they break their normal routine it could be due to a medical problem. A urinary tract infection, diabetes and arthritis are common problems associated with this behavior so if the above steps don’t work seek veterinary attention.

  1. Litter box location

Location, location, location! I can’t imagine many humans being happy to use the toilet in a room full of people, cats are the same! Try placing your cats litter box in a quiet and private part of your house, preferably one that doesn’t attract too much foot traffic. The laundry or a less used room is a great place to start!

Hopefully these 5 tips have helped you identify where your cats urinating problems have stemmed from. Remember that the longer you leave this matter unattended, the harder it will be to correct!


How to raise a happy cat

How to Raise a Happy Cat

Having a happy cat is just the beginning of many great characteristics; a happy cat is generally friendly, sociable and content with its current surroundings. What more could you want from your feline friend? Veterinary professionals agree that a cat’s personality can be influenced by their genetics, but around 50% of it is down to the way they are raised. Listed below are a few simple tricks to ensure your cat is a happy one!

  1. Security

This is one of the major deciding factors when it comes to the happiness of your cat. Without a safe place to sleep and a sense of freedom from fear of sudden dangers, no cat can rest! It is crucial that your cat has access to its own uninterrupted personal space, whether this is her go to hiding spot or stretched out on top of the fireplace mantle. If an area similar to this is not easily accessible for your cat you can easily create one, whether that means clearing a window sill or purchasing some specially designed cat ‘furniture’ that includes a little hidey-hole. Another crucial element to ensuring your cat feels secure is a strong sense of routine, as you may know cats don’t respond well to sudden upheavals in their routine such as introducing new animals too quickly, changes in litter box/bed placement  and feeding times. So making sure your cat feels secure in its home environment is the first step to a happy cat!

  1. Gentle Handling

This is especially important in kittens and younger cats as it encourages a loving and nurturing bond between you and your cat. Practicing being extra gentle with your cat and showing some affection as often as you can spare will prove to your cat that humans can be trusted and kind and they will in turn crave the attention they can get from you.

  1. Good Diet

Incorrect nutrition can be a huge factor in your cat’s happiness, Imagine being fed something you don’t like or makes you feel ill day in and day out?  It is important to take note of the taste your cat has so that you can feed it something that it enjoys as well as something that is nutritious and balanced to avoid any discomfort. Tip: Real meat as the protein source and ones with additional vitamins, minerals and fatty acids are particularly beneficial and will help keep your cat healthy and happy.

Overall, these 3 factors are probably the most crucial elements involved in keeping your cat content throughout all stages of its life.

What Makes Cats Happy

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to make your furry friend truly happy? Cats typically will alert you when there is something wrong, but how do we know when they are content with their lives? It’s as simple as learning to pay attention to the unique behaviours of these animals.

Cute kitten
1. Talking to your cat (seriously!)
I know this one may seem a little strange, but the general consensus around cat owners is that frequent ‘conversations’ with their cats seems to make them more responsive and loving thus creating a cat who is happier and feels like it fits in with its environment. So start practicing your best meow!
2. A safe home environment
This one is pretty relatable, as who would want to spend their whole life in an environment that they didn’t feel safe in? Since your cat probably spends majority of its time at home it’s crucial that it has access to clean water, food and a quiet and cosy place to sleep, as don’t forget cats average 15 hours of sleep a day! It is also important that any other animals in the house your cat doesn’t particularly get along with are separated allowing for a stress free and safe environment.
3. A stimulating environment
Do you have anything to keep your cat occupied while you’re out of the house? Boredom is an easy fix by adding a few things to your home that your cat may enjoy. Sometimes it can be as simple as keeping the curtain open so your cat can watch the cars go past, or leaving a few cat friendly toys lying around within easy reach. There are also specified cat boredom crushers out there if you really want to keep your cat occupied, try online or your local pet shop.
4. Praise your cat!
It makes us happy if we praise our cats so really it’s a win-win situation! If were happy, these good vibes will rub off on our cats so why not share the love! And what better way to have some bonding time with your kitty.