Why has my cat stopped using the litter box ?

The 5 Most Common Reasons Your Cat Has Stopped Using His Litterbox

Has your cat stopped using the litter box and started using something else (like your favourite rug in the living room or even on the floor beside the box).  Sometimes the reason could be a simple fix although it could also mean something a little more important so keep reading for the five most common reasons your cat won’t use it’s litter box

  • It’s dirty!

Cats are just like humans in that we won’t use a toilet if it’s grubby or hasn’t been cleaned. Cats have an extremely sensitive sense of smell, so if you can smell it, imagine it being 200 times worse for your cat! If you notice your cat has been doing its business elsewhere, maybe it’s a sign that you need to up the frequency in which you refresh its litter box.

  • Litter box location.

Location, location, location! It is really important, especially if it has to do with where your cat does its business. Maybe you’ve placed your kitties litter box in an area that is too out in the open, or too frequented by humans and loud noises. Don’t forget your cat likes privacy too!

  • New litter

Have you recently switched litters? Maybe your cat isn’t using the litter box because it is unsure about the new litter you’ve put in it. Cats are very much used to routine and when things change in their environment it can affect them drastically. So consider changing back to their old litter or mixing 50/50 with the new litter for a more gradual change.

  • Medical problems

If you’ve noticed your cat has begun to urinate more frequently and more often in places other than the litter box then this could be a sign of a urinary tract infection (quite common in cats).  This is a good sign that your cat needs to see a vet!

  • Territory marking

How many cats do you have in the house? If your answer is more than 1 than this could be part of the problem.  Some cats will mark their territory in the litter box, especially if it is a shared one.  If one of your cats has stopped using the litter box, a suggestion would be to get a second box (in a second location) to see if this solves the problem.

This can be a major issue for so called indoor cats that spend most of their time indoors, so it will need to be attended to in a hurry, remember if you try most of the above advice, and find that nothing works you will need to ensure that kitty gets to see the vet.