Wondering why your cat is unhappy

Wondering why your cat is unhappy

Is your cat obvious about what he dislikes? Can you tell by his body language if he is upset? You may not realise that you are responsible for your cat’s unhappiness. Here are some common mistakes we make when caring for our cats. 1. Ignoring your cat Many people think that cats enjoy being alone and left to do their own thing, although this is actually far from the truth. Cats enjoy socialising with their humans, and some like to mingle with other cats. Taking some time out of your day to hang out with your cat is important in establishing a good bond between you and your furry friend. If you have a long haired cat why not spend 20 minutes a day brushing and bonding with your cat? Or entertaining her with a wand toy. 2. Forgetting to clean the litter box regularly. Some cats, just like some people, are more bothered by dirty surroundings and will stop using their litter boxes and search for an alternative solution such as a cupboard or even worse, a basket of clean laundry. Did you know that your cat’s sense of smell is 14 times stronger than yours? Meaning that a litter box that smells clean to you may repulse your cat and lead it to do its business somewhere else. 3. Leaving your cats food out for too long. Cats are like humans when it comes to food; fresh is always best! Cats won’t like eating canned food that has been left out for hours on end; and the smell is usually what deters them. Often people don’t realise that there are many toxins released from spoiled cat food which can be harmful for your cats to eat. These include salmonella, staph infections and strep! Just remember, It’s better to give them a tablespoon or two every three hours than to take a chance on spoiled food. 4. Petting your cat too aggressively Cats are sensitive animals, even though they may seem fierce and independent at times. You may find that when petting your cat, she may suddenly hiss and then bite you. This is called feline hyperesthesia, cat behaviour specialist Amy Shojai recommends only patting your cat on the head and the neck until you work out your cats petting threshold. 5. Loud noises and commotion Cats can be very vulnerable to loud noises. Thunderstorms, fireworks, arguments and other loud noises can be very stressful to cats, especially when a cat is left outside overnight. There are certain times during the year when your cats should be left inside, or away from the commotion. This may include, various holidays where fireworks are used, parties with loud music and lots of guests, thunderstorms and family fights as they are between people that cats love.

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