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8 Strange Cat Behaviours Explained

8 Strange Cat Behaviours Explained Cats are expressive creatures, and they’re constantly telling you exactly how they’re feeling – all you have to do is learn to “speak cat”! Here are 8 common cat behaviours interpreted, so that you can understand th...

Cats and Biting 101

Biting is a normal behaviour in kittens. Because cats use their mouths and paws to explore their world, it’s natural for them to bite. But kitties can learn to inhibit the force of their bites and to use soft paws without claws. Your cat can still nibb...

Top 5 Friendliest Cat Breeds. Is Yours on the List? Playful, shy, loyal, aloof, sassy… Cat personalities come in all shapes and sizes. Today we will be focusing on the friendliest cat breeds. Don’t worry if your favourite cat breed isn’t on the list, wit...

How To Bathe Your Cat (And Survive!)

The thought of giving your cat a bath may give you chills, knowing the mix of your cats + its claws + water could be a recipe for disaster. However, washing your cat doesn’t have to be a horrifying experience, in fact many cats may even enjoy it! Keep readin...

5 Common Household Hazards for Cats

Now that we are probably spending a lot more time at home than normal, it is important that we make sure we don’t leave out anything that may be potentially hazardous for your cat. You would be surprised where these hazards may be lurking, in your kitchen, g...

Hair Loss in Cats

Have you noticed your cat losing more hair than normal?  Hair loss in cats may have a few different causes. Some of these are listed below. A cat losing hair is commonly called Alopecia, the same diagnoses you would give a human suffering hair loss. According...

Cats and Coronavirus 101

  Cat Owners: How should you prepare for Coronavirus? It’s a scary time right now, as Covid-19 makes its way around the world bringing a lot of infection and uncertainty. I am sure you have thought about keeping yourself safe, and have organised all of...

What Makes Cats Happy

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to make your furry friend truly happy? Cats typically will alert you when there is something wrong, but how do we know when they are content with their lives? It’s as simple as learning to pay attention to the uniq...

Cat’s rubbing against objects

Have you ever stopped to think why your cat likes to rub his body against the wall as he walks past, maybe he brushes against your legs as he walks between them or likes to rub his face up again random objects?  There are a few simple explanations for this be...

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Responsibly Fished

Responsibly Fished

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Gourmet Combinations

Gourmet Combinations

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Vet Formulated

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