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Ultimate Indulge Products

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Gourmet Combinations

Product Range
7 x 85g Variety Pack
Whitemeat Tuna with Fish Roe & Chicken Breast
Whitemeat Tuna with Red Snapper & Chicken Breast
Sardine Fillets with Shrimp & Calamari
Whitemeat Tuna with Flaked Salmon
Tuna with Shredded Chicken Breast & Prawns
Whitemeat Tuna with Chicken Liver

Responsibly Fished

Product Range
Responsibly Fished Tuna & Barramundi

Ultimates Planet Friendly

Product Range
Tuna 85g pouch
Tuna with Chicken 85g pouch
Tuna with Salmon 85g pouch

Ultimates Single Protein

Product Range
Tuna 80g can
Chicken 80g can

Ultimates 400g Can Range

Product Range
Beef Mince in Gravy
Chicken Mince in Gravy
Chicken Mince & Tuna
Chicken Mince & Sardine
Lamb Mince in Gravy
Beef Casserole with Vegetables
Chicken Casserole with Vegetables

Ultimates 1kg Dry

Product Range
Natural Chicken
Natural Beef

Ultimates 12x100g Multipacks

Product Range
Beef Mince and Lamb Mince
Chicken Mince and Beef Mince