Head Bunting — What Does it Mean?

The uniqueness of cats and their quirks has fascinated us for thousands of years. Today we take a look at the curious and adorable behaviour of head bunting. Far from being intentionally aggressive, the head bunt tells us how a cat feels, about us and about themselves. What is Head Bunting? Head bunting is also […]






Catnaps — The Sleeping Behaviour of Cats

When it comes to sleep, cats are the envy of the world. But their mysterious sleep patterns can vary; different living conditions can affect their sleeping behaviour. Their sleep positions may give us a clue as to how they feel. Let’s take a look at the sleeping behaviour and sleep positions of our cats. How […]






Cat Diarrhoea – Causes and Remedies

Tummy trouble in your cat is no picnic. We take a look at causes and remedies for cat diarrhoea and what you can do to help. New Diet First, let’s consider your kitty cat’s diet. A sudden change in cat food can cause diarrhoea. Cats accustomed to a particular diet will more than likely develop diarrhoea […]






How Much Food Your Cat Needs

Cat owners old and new will at some stage wonder how much food their cat needs. We take a look at the amount and frequency of meals, which depend on your cat’s age and stage of life, their health and their taste preferences. The Importance of Balance We have all heard how important a balanced diet […]






8 Strange Cat Behaviours Explained

Cats are expressive creatures, and they’re constantly telling you exactly how they’re feeling – all you have to do is learn to “speak cat”! Here are eight strange cat behaviours explained, so that you can understand your cat’s needs and personality better. 1. Chattering You have probably heard your cat emit a fast and intense […]






5 Friendliest Cat Breeds

Playful, shy, loyal, aloof, sassy… Cat personalities come in all shapes and sizes. Today we will be focusing on the friendliest cat breeds. Don’t worry if your favourite cat breed isn’t on the list, within all breeds and mixes can be the friendliest and most affectionate individuals. All cats are different, and although breeds have […]






How to Bathe Your Cat (and Survive!)

The thought of giving your cat a bath may give you chills, knowing the mix of your cats + its claws + water could be a recipe for disaster. However, washing your cat doesn’t have to be a horrifying experience, in fact many cats may even enjoy it! Keep reading to find out the best […]






Cats and Coronavirus

It’s a scary time right now, as Covid-19 makes its way around the world bringing a lot of infection and uncertainty. I am sure you have thought about keeping yourself safe, and have organised all of the necessary provisions and requirements needed to keep going. But have you stopped to think about your cats and […]






Why Do Cats Rub

Have you ever stopped to think why your cat likes to rub his body against the wall as he walks past, maybe he brushes against your legs as he walks between them or likes to rub his face up again random objects?  There are a few simple explanations for this behaviour, keep reading to find […]






Everything you need to know about feline diabetes

Feline diabetes? Yes it’s a thing. And something even more shocking is how common it is. Maybe you already have a cat with this problem, maybe you’re suspecting your cat might have it OR maybe you’re just finding out that it exists. Whatever one of these applies to you, keep reading and you might find […]






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