Make WFH with Dogs a Breeze

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If there was a positive outcome of the covid-19 lockdowns, it is the normalisation of working from home (WFH) and remote learning. Our unions are going as far as the courts to demand the right to WFH. Most universities are retaining the provision of online lectures. The advantages of WFH are numerous, and the added bonus is that our dogs are happier that we spend more time at home. But for dog guardians, it can mean a change to the way we relate to out precious pups. We look at how to make WFH with dogs a breeze.

morning walkies

The benefits of a morning walk are numerous. A brisk walk brings a flow of fresh air to the lungs and gets the blood flowing, Just the thing to refresh your mind and body. Your dog will have burned some energy, and they will feel that connection with you that they crave.

The National Heart Foundation of Australia state that walking helps reduce stress and increase alertness – just the thing to get you through a good day’s work. Without the journey to the office, you avoid the stress of traffic, and you have time for a brisk walk, and for another after lunch. Your dog will feel the benefits of walking too, and will likely be content to peacefully curl up in their bed.

top up Food and Water

We all know the importance of staying hydrated and giving access to fresh, clean water throughout the day for your dog. You will no doubt have set feeding times, but as you begin work consider providing your dog a high-protein, grain-free food. It will keep them busy, satisfy their tummies and save the interruption of a hungry dog. Long-lasting chews are great to give at the start of a Zoom meetings. Some dogs react to the sound of voices, both that of their guardian and of strangers online.

Working from Home with Dogs – A walked dog is a happy dog

find your ideal Workspace

Those with the luxury of a separate studio space can have a dog-free office. But for the rest of us, try a dog-free zone. Some dogs are happy to hang out on their own in their favourite spot. For the more clingy dogs, try placing their bed next to your desk. Give them pats whenever you take a break, short or long. In time, they will learn to sit quietly beside their guardian, knowing the pats will come.

Allow plenty of outdoor access to minimise the interruption of needing time outside. If you can’t leave a door open, consider installing a doggy door. Some require no cutting of holes, turning a sliding door into a temporary dog hatch.

Of course, some interruptions aren’t necessarily a bad thing.

Take Regular Breaks

Take your breaks just as you would in the office, only include your dog. Studies show that taking a short break every hour can help to refresh you without derailing focus. According to TIME, the most productive workers take a short break after 52 minutes of focussed work. Leave your desk, stretch your legs, use the bathroom and give your dog a pat. Throw them a ball at morning tea and take them for a walk at lunch.

As WFH becomes the new norm, use these ideas for smooth sailing in your dog friendly home office. Dogs are creatures of habit; before too long, they will adjust to the new routine, and help to bring you needed refreshment throughout your working day. Making the most out of WFH can make your dog happier, and make you a contented and more efficient worker. Read our post on How Dogs Improve our Mental Health.

Working from Home with Dogs
This Chow Chow puppy is ready to get to work